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Born out of Naples in the late eighteenth century, Pizza as we know it, served with a tomato base, is one of the most widely celebrated foods in the world.

Also of Neapolitan origin, the UK’s favourite Italian chef Gino D’Acampo, is more than passionate about pizza.
“Most babies are weaned off their mother’s milk with pureed food, I’m sure my mother weaned us off on pizza, as I just don’t even remember life without it.
The key to a great pizza is the dough, specifically the fermentation process. A perfect Neapolitan pizza can only be obtained with dough created with a long, carefully controlled fermentation. The dough we use in My Restaurants is slow-risen and begins with a ‘mother’ or ‘biga’- the foundation of many breads. Using our technique, we create fragrant soft, light and crunchy products in our traditional wood ovens. It’s the closest you’ll get to a Neapolitan pizza outside of Naples.”

Want to see Gino create the perfect Margherita? Check out the video below

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